Corporate &
Academic Training

Why upskill your workforce?

Empowering your employees to reach the next level of growth

Leveraging technology for business growth

Technology can be disruptive, but not if you are ready for it. Skilled employees can help you achieve your business goals.

Technology Upgradation

Bridging the demand-supply gap

It’s less expensive to re-train employees rather than hiring new ones. Your current employees will also have a relatively shorter learning curve.

Bridge gap

Grow and nurture your in-house talent

Optimize your hiring process by developing your existing talent, rather than spending months looking for the right skills and culture fit.

In-house talent

Why train your students?

Empowering your students to reach the next level of growth

The future is changing, and so are jobs

Your students need to be ready for a workforce that’s data-driven and increasingly automated.

For future

Employers look for industry-relevant skills

Interviewers look for students who can apply what they’ve learned, rather than just having theoretical knowledge.


Colleges are measured on placement stats

Educational institutions that have better placement stats are always ranked higher than the others.


Why choose VYOAM?

Curriculum developed by industry experts

Learning content developed by experienced industry practitioners with a focus on imparting job-relevant skills

Real-world projects and case studies

Students solve industry problems and complete projects in configured online labs

Learning support and personalized feedback

Mentorship driven learning journey that offers walkthroughs and personalized feedback

 Career opportunities and completion certificate

Students completing the course receive a completion certificate and an opportunity to explore career opportunities