Towards Artificial Intelligence

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VYOAM advising on the best Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Embedded technology solutions, Web design and development for your business needs. Our consultants are highly experienced technical architects for guiding companies through technology change. .... more

Product Development

Product development at VYOAM comprise of hardware design, middleware, firmware, user interface and experience in Artificial Intelligence, IoT and embedded applications in Agriculture, electrical and biomedical fields. Equipped with extensive expertise & experience, VYOAM have a strong understanding of the product development makes every step towards perfect finish. ....more


Every company / individual is navigating their own unique digital transformation and skills gap. VYOAM works with you to tailor made the best training program for company / individual in view of everchanging demands of industry. VYOAM is fully equipped, to build a learning initiative customized to suit your needs. .... more

Applied Artificial Intelligence

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Data Science

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Web framework

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