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What We Do

YOAM’s entrepreneurial founders bankroll it as an endeavor to capitalize on providing technological solutions and services to create value for our customers. We bring simple, small and big innovations in cutting-edge technologies. VYOAM is committed to develop and deliver the next generation portfolios of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Embedded System Technologies based offerings in Agriculture, Healthcare and Education sectors across the world.

Product development

 VYOAM comprise of hardware design, middleware, firmware, user interface and experience in Artificial Intelligence, IoT and embedded applications in Agriculture, electrical and biomedical fields.  VYOAM have a strong understanding of the product development makes every step towards perfect finish. ….more


VYOAM advising on the best Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Embedded technology solutions, Web design and development for your business needs. Our Consultants are highly experienced technical architects for guiding companies through technology change


Every company/individual is navigating their own unique digital transformation and skills gap. VYOAM works with you to tailor the best training program for the company/individual in view of the everchanging demands of the industry. VYOAM is fully equipped to build a learning initiative customised to suit your needs. ..

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Courses trained as per the industry standard, tailored to satisfy the needs of the learners.

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  • Analysis of Requirements
  • Preventive Options
  • Professional Services
  • Personalized Approach
  • Product Expertise
  • End to end product Reengineering
  • Technical Support

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Develop apps for iOS

Learn the basics of Xcode, SwiftUI, and UIKit to create compelling iOS apps.

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Our team are expert in matching you with the right provider.

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Our team is committed to the best servic

Ideas & Requirements

Simple, big and small innovations to create value for customers in education, healthcare and education sectors across the world.

Screening & Evaluation

Strong technical team in screening and evaluating the possibilities of the development of the product to suit the potential market of the various sectors

Design & Investigation

Develops and delivers a next generation portfolio of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things & Embedded System based offerings.

Development & Testing

Prototypes to develop into a viable product that will be profitable, and that there are no changes that need to be made before it’s launched by the excellent specialists.

Implementation & Launch

Marketing communications strategies are set into motion and the distribution channel is loaded up to ensure consistent product availability, by strong,relevant, visible and updated brand presence.

Maintenance & Support

Engage customers in road map discussions and provide full solutions and support by looking beyond the product.